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HARBOR LIGHTS at Oneida Lake

Picture communting to Syracuse from the western side of Madison County, then coming home to your townhouse with a private dock in a boat basin on Oneida Lake. Sounds nice? There will be 92 of these homes in Harbor Lights, a new development of Oot Bros., Inc., located just off Route 31 , in the Town of Sullivan.

The townhouses will be built two to a building, and each will have a 28 foot dock in the man made , limestone block boat basin, which connects to the lake, said Oot Bros., Inc., President Thomas Oot.  Oneida Lake is part of the New York State Canal System, meaning residents of Harbor Lights will be able to navigate from the lake to the Hudson River or Champlain Canal and points beyond.

The townhouses will be maintenance free; residents will pay a monthly fee of about $185., which includes maintenance of the dock and the exterior of the home, snow removal and lawn care.  The cost of the townhouses will start at about $275,000. Oot said. 

The Canal is nearly finished and is slated to be filled with water in the fall. The first units should be completed next spring, Oot said.( Reprinted from the Eagle Newspapers Excellence).

     Harbor Lights offers deep water protected docks with all services. Maintenace is provided by the HLHOA.

For information on  Harbor Lights at Oneida Lake

 Call Oot Real Estate Inc. at 315-682-2795

Hours:    Call for a Private introduction.

Homes are under construction.

  The Homes at Harbor Lights are Custom designed to Buyers Request. Exterior Care provided by the HLHOA.

    Harbor Lights Now offers Single Family Homes priced from $270,000. with Dock and Exterior Care.


Take Route 31 E to Lakeport to Harbor Shore Drive( next to Fremac Marina on Route 31).

Town of Sullivan
Chittenango, NY 13031
Chittenango Schools
Offering by Prospectus
Homes by Oot Bros., Inc.
Sales by Oot Real Estate, Inc. 

(315) 682-2795

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